Asbestos Survey Reports and Asbestos Testing

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Asbestos Surveys

John Alderson & Son offer a complete asbestos management solution and has extensive experience of carrying out licensed asbestos removal and asbestos surveys. We welcome large or small contracts throughout the UK and offer free quotations along with a full in-depth detailed report.

The asbestos survey report will determine the course of action to be taken to ensure your business complies with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The asbestos survey is a required part of the management of any asbestos substance within commercial properties and common parts of dwellings.

Where our initial asbestos risk assessments indicate asbestos may be present within the building, John Alderson & Son perform asbestos inspections and offer an asbestos management plan to eradicate the problem once and for all.

asbestos surveys

Licensed Asbestos Survey Contractor

John Alderson and Son have an established reputation for licensed asbestos sampling and removal. Our highly trained team will safely remove asbestos-containing materials, which can also include the repair of damaged materials and / or encapsulation.

We have worked with many organisations throughout the Country including Local Health Authorities, Councils and Blue Chip industrial clients throughout Yorkshire and further afield.

Asbestos Removal

Where the survey diagnoses the presence of asbestos, our licensed asbestos removal service can undertake any remedial works required with the minimum amount of interruption assured. Whilst removal may be the recommended option longer term, we acknowledge this can be costly so can offer a tailored solution to suit your business needs. This may include encapsulating asbestos materials.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a great effective solution than fully eliminating asbestos. John Alderson & Son can provide a wide range of asbestos encapsulation solutions from simply enlacing the material with specialist ET150 encapsulation paint through to exercising ply board to AIB risers with specialist adhesives. Once the asbestos has been encapsulated, we can apply a decorative finish to the finished product.

On-going Asbestos Management

After the initial asbestos survey and removal, you will satisfy all legislation and your building is safe for subsequent use. Nonetheless, as part of your management plan, you have a statutory legal duty to regularly inspect any asbestos within your building. John Alderson & Son can provide you with a yearly inspection to ensure your building remains in a safe condition.

Complete asbestos project management and surveys from one contractor – for any information with regards to the asbestos services that we offer, or if you require a quotation, then please do not hesitate to contact our professional and discrete team.

Asbestos Services

We are a licensed asbestos removal contractor.
  • Removal/encapsulation of asbestos
  • Asbestos decontamination techniques
  • Safe asbestos disposal
  • Air monitoring
  • Medical surveillance for staff wellbeing
  • Replacement of asbestos materials with substitutes
  • Rigorous staff training
  • Asbestos management survey
  • Asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey

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